photography by bonnie: Blog en-us (C)2024 photography by bonnie m (photography by bonnie) Thu, 11 Apr 2024 12:59:00 GMT Thu, 11 Apr 2024 12:59:00 GMT photography by bonnie: Blog 99 120 Colin Hay, Colonial Theatre, Laconia, New Hampshire, 4.7.24 The best is yet to come with Colin Hay.

On a gentle spring evening, Colin Hay rolled into the small New Hampshire town of Laconia, opening his set to a nearly full house at the famous Colonial Theatre on Main Street.  Colin joked during the show there "was nothing going on here" and the crowd was caught laughing in agreement.  Colin shared stories of past bandmates, meeting Paul McCartney, and many more as the crowd cheered his performance on.  For the Colonial, this was more than just a concert; it was an intimate gathering that celebrated the past while looking forward to more stories, more laughter and more music.

As a solo acoustic artist with a career spanning four decades, Colin brings his stories to life through his music. Colin kicked off his performance joking this must be the "senior show".  With a career of more than 40 years, and fans following his musical journey, it was not a surprise that the audience was made up of all genders and ages to represent his last 40 years of fans. Colin kicked off his set with 'Going Somewhere", warming up the crowd for what was to come.  Between Colin's storytelling and musical talent, his show provides an opportunity for his audience to gain insight into not only his creative mind, but how the songs came to be. Mid-set he hit the crowd with 'Overkill' and "Who Can it be Now' where everyone joined in on the choruses of songs that brought back memories for all.  His final three songs seemed to be really what his fans were waiting for. 'I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You', a deeply emotional and real story of moving on, but also not forgetting where you once were. 'Waiting for my Real Life' and "Down Under' were hits that everybody enjoyed, evident amongst the laughter, stories and genuine love for his music. 

Colin joked that he is often asked if songwriting is 'worth it' and he shared this is definitely a vocation that you should look into seeing as his hit "Down Under' was able to sustain his career for the last 40 years.  Hay's engagement with the audience through jokes, personal stories and hits speaks to his ability to transcend mere performance, creating an atmosphere where everyone felt part of something special.  Thank you Colin for sharing your art and music with New Hampshire.  Colin Hay is off to Maine and can be found on tour in and around New England for a few more dates.

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Avenged Sevenfold, Manchester, NH 3.23.24 A snowstorm dropped almost 2 feet of snow in some parts of New Hampshire Saturday night, that did not stop fans of Avenged Sevenfold! Fans from all over New England showed up in full force and ready to rock! You can bet A7X didn’t disappoint! 


Avenged Sevenfold, also known as A7X, is known for their powerful live performances, combining heavy metal music with a theatrical stage presence that captivates audiences. Their dedication to ensuring that fans have an unforgettable experience is evident, from the choice of opening song that immediately grabs everyone's attention to the care they show for their fans' safety, as demonstrated when they stopped the music during "Bat Country."

The energy at an A7X show is palpable, with dancing, moshing, and crowd surfing being integral parts of the experience. It’s clear that the band's hits like "Blinded in Chains" and "Afterlife" are perfect anthems for such an environment, energizing the crowd and setting the perfect scene for fans to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Avenged Sevenfold’s ability to create a strong connection with their audience, ensuring that the fans get more than their money’s worth, is a testament to their status as a top live act in the rock and metal scene. The band's attention to their fans, whether it's through their performance or moments of care, like ensuring a fan's safety, makes their shows not just a concert but an event to remember.

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Brandy Clark - Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH, 3/16/24 The Mixtape interview with Brandy Clark - click here. 


Brandy Clark's recent performance at the music hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, exemplifies the unique, intimate nature of live music. By inviting her friend Hayes Carll to join her on stage, Clark not only diversified the show but also enriched the overall experience for her audience. This collaboration allowed for a more dynamic interaction, as both artists shared personal anecdotes and laughed with the crowd, fostering a sense of connection and community.

Clark's storytelling stood out as a highlight of the evening. Her narrative about the creation of "Dear Insecurity" and its solo performance resonated deeply, earning her a partial standing ovation. This song, along with "Hold My Hand," showcases Clark's ability to convey emotion and connect with her audience on a personal level. The latter, a favorite of Clark's for its heartfelt delivery, exemplifies the power of music to touch hearts and bring people together.

The music hall in Portsmouth provided the perfect setting for such an intimate show. Known for its ability to foster a close connection between artists and their audience, the venue amplified the impact of Clark and Carl's stories and songs. The shared experiences of family and past love, combined with their musical talent, made for an unforgettable evening.

Clark's approach to touring, with its emphasis on storytelling and personal connection, highlights the evolving nature of live performances. By sharing the stage with a friend and engaging directly with the audience, she creates a unique concert experience that transcends traditional musical performances. As "Dear Insecurity" grows into a new favorite for Clark, it's clear that her ability to connect with her audience through storytelling and song remains unmatched.


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12/OC at Wally's in Hampton Beach, 3/8/24 12/OC showed up for their fans Friday night at Wally's in Hampton Beach.  Alongside my partner, Jason of Acoustified Media and Tales from the Pit Podcast, we captured some great moments of them on the stage performing their latest single, 'Better with a Beer'.  This band is hot on the tails of the country music scene and their fans made sure they knew it!  Keep an eye on these guys - just a matter of time before we see them out on tour again with their own album.

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Updates for 2024 I am very excited to say that in collaboration with Jason from Acoustified Media, we will be offering a new wedding photography and videography package for limited dates in early spring and fall.  Jason and I have over 20 years combined experience with portraiture and are looking forward to seeing you on your special day.  Be sure to reach out to me for details!

In addition to our wedding adventures, we plan to open a studio space in mid January to provide access to custom portraiture for headshots for business, acting, dance and more.  As well as studio time for beauty and glamour photos!

Come check us out on instagram @photographybybonnie or @acoustified

There will be a formal announcement in early January and we can't wait to share across all the social media platforms!

All my best, 


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Cattle Landing 2020

First glimpse at what is coming at Cattle Landing Farm in Bridgewater, NH

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Fresh Snowfall A fresh snowfall on a cold February morning was just what we were waiting for so I could spend sometime with this little family capturing some of these final moments of Amanda’s nine months.  Congratulations to all of you.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you in just a few weeks!


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Some of the best days are spent making memories... On an amazing sunny and cool fall day, I captured the uniting of families and hearts in a small town in central New Hampshire.  With the help of the Highland Lake Inn, Jason and Ali were able to bring together all of their children, family and friends to celebrate their very special wedding day.   As all of their family watched and listened to very personal, heartfelt and joyous vows being exchanged - we laughed, cheered and gave special notice to all of the people most important to them.  These are the kind of memories that last a lifetime.  

Congratulations Ali and Jason, best wishes to all of you as you start your new life together. 



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Mason is Four! Seems so long ago I was writing a post about his first birthday and now I am excited to say we met again for his 4th birthday!  The day at the lake was beautiful, sunny and HOT!  Mason picked out his mom’s dress for his birthday photos - I think he did a great job.  Being four means running around in the sand, showing off your moves on the dock and picking flowers for your mom.  Happy Birthday Mason!


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These are the days.... I saw this girl dance about 6 years ago...and then her mom became my baby girl’s 3rd grade teacher.  Never before have I felt so lucky to be a part of young person’s life as we captured these memories in her special high school senior photographs...from tiny dancer to theatre performer to the amazing young lady you are now, the future is yours.   Thank you, Catie, for sharing this special day with me!


These are days, you'll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this and as you feel it

You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky
It's true that you are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you

These are days, you'll remember
When May is rushing over you with desire
To be part of the miracles you see in every hour

10,000 Maniacs - “These are the Days"



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My Second Birthday! The cool lake breeze and fall sunlight made for a spectacular morning to celebrate my little friend’s second birthday.  Mom, dad and the now walking and talking baby I met last year, spent a few special moments with me on this cool morning on the quiet and secluded shores of New Hampshire’s beloved Lake Winnipesaukee.  Hope you had as special of a day as I did!  Happy Birthday!


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Feeling Beautiful What do you get when you have the woman in red and a hot vintage automobile?  You get amazing images and memories for a lifetime! I had such a great time getting to know this client and her fancy for cool cars.  We spent sometime together capturing these and many more amazing shots. The best compliment of all is when your clients become your friends.  I am grateful for your trust in this session and looking forward to many more! Thank you so much for letting me share our work that day with all my Facebook friends. 


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Dawnne & Jimmy I am quite grateful to a long time friend for trusting me to capture this very special day for her and her new husband.  When I asked her about the style and theme for the wedding, she related to me "Jimmy and I are really laid back, do what you do and we are good with that."  The special Sunday on the warm Gulf coast of Florida brought sunshine along with their closest family and friends to a relaxed and fun wedding day.  Dawnne and Jimmy's wedding attire reflected their love for the ocean and made Dawnne a gorgeous beach bride! We loved the cupcakes and ending the evening with setting the paper lanterns float away into the night.  Capturing their wedding day on the shores of Boca Grande, Florida, was a dream come true for me.  Best wishes for many years of love and light! 


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Mr. and Mrs. Plummer! What a wonderful wedding day! The bride, groom and all of their children celebrated their LOVE with their family and friends up at Ragged Mountain Resort yesterday! There will be many more photos to follow, but I found it hard to keep the cutest little flower girl ever a secret much longer.  I was warned that she might steal the show, however, I think her mom did a really good job of that herself.  Congratulations to all of you and many years of life and love that I know you will share! 

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Kris and Jeremy! What a beautiful spring day to share with family and friends.  From the brilliant colors of the Irish flag and the surprise dance and amazing cakes, this couple sure did have a love filled day to share with us.  Thanks to New London Historical Society for the amazing venue! Oh yes, and to Mother Nature for the beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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We Eloped! Remember when I said, “I am in love with love!”? Well, I wasn’t kidding! I love LOVE!  What an enchanting and wonderful day this was to spend with these two amazing people.  Apparently I am VERY good at keeping secrets.  Imagine how thrilled I was to be asked to capture their very special day, an elopement to take place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Away we escaped for engagement photos on a chilly Superbowl Sunday on a frozen lake in Suncook.  Then whisked off to the mountains on a chilly (it was -25 the night before) 14 degree day!  The winds settled down, the sun moved in just time for the ceremony and away they went in a horse drawn carriage for a post nuptial sleigh ride.  Just like in a fairy tale.  Congratulations to you both, I wish you many, many years of wedded happiness! xoxox ~bonnie

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Introducing Colton This morning I was telling my daughter that one February vacation about 8 years ago we flew to Florida.  I ran into Ashlee (one of my high school students) in the airport. She flew with us on the first part of our flight, helping me with kids off and on the plane.  She and I always remained friends and I was lucky to find her on Facebook and share a little bit of our lives with one another.  I was beyond excited when I heard about a special delivery due this February! Lucky for me I am friends with this little guy’s Mama and Daddy.  I cannot even believe the resemblance he shares with his Daddy!!! Thank you Ashlee for sharing your little bundle of joy with me on this sunny almost spring morning!  


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A Special Girl’s First Birthday I can hardly believe it is now March 2015.  The year started off pretty quickly and what a wonderful way to start with my good friends the Hamels.  Thank you so much for sharing this very special day with me.  I love being a part of my photo family’s journey, from mama’s maternity shoot through this baby girl’s first year! Love you little girl! xoxo




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Little Boy’s First Birthday! I am always so honored by client referrals.  Your trust and friendship mean the world to me.  I loved being part of this little guy’s first birthday.  Set in a special place on Lake Winnipesaukee deep in the heart of our Lakes Region, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  p.s. Someone likes cake!

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Camp Wulamat Living in Bristol for 14 years and thought I had seen it all, been to all the cool camps and learned about all kinds of family traditions.  Until I received a request to photograph a family at Camp Wulamat on Newfound Lake two weeks ago.  Kids and grandkids flying in from Colorado and North Carolina to meet and surprise their mom and dad from Rhode Island with a professional photography session to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  So much fun to spend the morning following them up Camp Street and playing on the lake shore. Congratulations!

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One Already?!? Sometimes, when I am lucky enough...I get to meet and follow a family for their baby’s first year. Meet Grace.  She has “graced” me with her sleepy smiles, long beautiful eyelashes and now a special first birthday photo session.  The three of us took over the gazebo at Odell Park in Franklin, transformed the place to work for us and captured some beautiful photographs of Grace and mom in the gardens along the river.  What a great day! Thanks Grace! I cannot believe you are one already! Happy birthday baby girl!


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Red Thread Sessions I woke up to an official email this morning notifying me I have been accepted by Red Thread Sessions as a volunteer photographer. I have had the amazing opportunity in the past 12 months to work with a couple of wonderful adoptive families and I think this is a great way to share what I love to do with more families in New England! Spread the word and like them on Facebook too!

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Happy First Birthday! I always look forward to seeing this baby girl! Her mama and I have so much fun dressing her up and celebrating no matter what time of year.  Our recent time together was shared celebrating her very special First birthday!  We had a blast from dress up to cake smashing!  Thanks for all the fun!


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Growing fast! She truly is one of my favorite babies to photograph.  We met last August, she has grown and grown and giggles and smiles and well, makes me wanna stay and play!  She has those dreamy long eyelashes…and will be walking soon, I just know it!!! 

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Family Time Here is an extra special thank you to this new family for inviting me over to capture a few family moments with them on a recent and chilly spring morning.  We spent some time catching up, recalling moments of high school, weddings and the early arrival of a very sweet baby girl!  I loved sharing this family time with them…their home warm, inviting and looking forward to many more family moments with both all of you!



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Baby Girl! Once upon a time, not that long ago, I met a girl…I described her today as sweet, sensible, strong. I remember telling her parents that I hoped one day I would have children of my own that were well known and adored by her friends, classmates and teachers.  She has grown into such a beautiful, educated and strong woman, a wife and now a mother. I am beyond honored to have been asked to capture her family as they welcomed their precious baby girl into the world….welcome little one. Congratulations to all 3 of you….




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Baby's First Christmas Capturing moments like our baby's first Christmas is a must for all of us!  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I think this new baby girl and her family will agree.

I met this little one back in August and was delighted and surprised when her mom asked me to come see her for Christmas family photos.  She entertained me with her cat naps, her smiles and those dreamy long eyelashes!  Pretty, pretty girl! Thank you so much to this special little family and

Merry Christmas to All!

With Love,




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It's a Girl! Everyone loves fall in New England...I love it even more when I am spending time with people I adore.  This image is from a recent "Expecting" photography session with a dear, dear friend!  I am so in love with this image and many more that we captured together on this blustery, cool, fall day!  She lives in the most beautiful New Hampshire town, filled with rolling hills, pumpkin stands and farmland everywhere! I feel extra special that she chose me to photograph her and her growing family.  Enjoy!

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I do! Oh what a whirlwind month! Back to school,  back to work, back to back with just about everything!  As some of you know, I am a fulltime work from home Mom, Teacher and Photographer.  I am proud to say I am busy, really, really busy with all three and am so very blessed to be trusted by family and friends that ask me to capture the moments that make up their lives.

I often reminisce about the days when I worked in a face to face classroom...creating relationships with students and families, saying hi in the halls and sharing moments with students that will last a lifetime.  This week, I did such reminiscing as I photographed Katy and Ryan's wedding at Camp Spaulding in Concord.  

Katy asked me about a year ago if I would consider being their photographer...of course I was freaking out and for some reason, I thought she had 60 guests..imagine my surprise when I learned there was 120! Katy and Ryan celebrated their special day filled with love from so many people. I often found myself wiping away my own tears of joy as I snapped away at these special and breathtaking moments.  I hope you enjoy their gallery as much as I do.  

Katy and Ryan Say "I do!"


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Summer days... Summer came not so quickly for us in New Hampshire this year.  It stayed cool, damp, rainy right up through the last few days of the school year.  Now that the heat and sun are right here upon us, it is important to remember to take time and enjoy our families, our friends and each sunset.  I am by no means a landscape photographer...and the image below was taken in a moving car...overlooking the road as our second day of travel drew to a close.  It was an amazing day with amazing company...a memory that I feel honored to share. 


Take a few minutes to capture the love in your life....sunsets, babies, kids, family...

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Happy Father's Day! Happy Father's day to all the special dads out there! 

Thanks to Matt and Claudia for sharing their new baby with me! I just love his expression in these black and whites! 


Happy Father


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Another Absolutely Gorgeous Day! As a professional photographer, one of the best compliments I could have ever received is when a friend and fellow family photographer emailed and asked me about scheduling a custom "Gorgeous" session!  I cannot remember when I have ever been more excited...or nervous! 

We had such a great time planning wardrobe and getting ready for our session!  We spent an amazing 3 hours spoiling her and creating timeless beautiful images.  I am very excited to be able share a few with all of you!  Thank you so much Jenn, I am over the top delighted you chose me for this amazing opportunity! 


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March for Babies A couple of Saturdays ago I had the pleasure of being asked to run a small photo booth at the Upper Valley March for Babies 2013 walk.  This is a special event for me as both of my babies were born early.  I have a beautiful 8 year old born at 36 weeks who had a 10 day hospital stay at our local hospital... and a sweet, loving 6 year old born at 31 weeks at Dartmouth Hitchcock Memorial Center who had a 46 day stay.  The day he was discharged was the day of the March for Babies walk and each year we celebrate by fundraising or volunteering.  The event is hosted by March of Dimes and we have an ICN reunion following. This flickr link is a glimpse of some of our day....I believe the best part was face painting! Thanks to all the volunteers and people who give and give and that all babies can be born healthy!




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Boudoir: "a lady's private dressing room" As a photographer, I am inspired by all things beautiful.  My latest photo session was a step in a different artful direction that required not only the skills, but the courage to produce artful, beautiful images.  I believe that the images I captured in this "Gorgeous" session are beautiful, not just because of the subject...but also because of the confidence and power of the woman being photographed.  She exudes confidence and that confidence is a gift that is given through these images.  I feel fortunate to be given the gift to capture these moments and thankful she let me share them with you.  I encourage you to email, call or text me if you have any questions or are thinking of capturing yourself in images like these. I wanna make you feel gorgeous! I look forward to hearing from you! ~Bonnie


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Happy Engagement! This lovely young couple is so excited about their upcoming fall wedding! I feel fortunate to have spent some time with them recently discussing all the fun details, the proposal, the nuptials and the reception!  I also have the honor of being their wedding photographer! I am especially blessed because the the Bride-to-Be is a former student of mine.  These photos were taken at their new home...what a lovely winter day!engagements

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Bellies and Babies.... Family I have been quite busy the last couple months...I feel quite fortunate to finally be able to spend some time during the blizzard of 2013 to work on this gallery.  

These photographs are very special to me...and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the arrival of their baby girl.  I met them on a cool fall morning in 2012 for a few maternity shots with their little boy...I waited very patiently until the birth of their daughter...when I was given the awesome opportunity to capture some amazing family moments on a very cold winter morning.  

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.



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Birth Photography by Bonnie I recently came across a website "The Maternal Lens".  The featured photographers documented the labor and delivery process for families.  The images were amazing...all so filled with emotion.  I was so moved by their work, I have begun to secretly wish I could become a "birth photographer" as well. 

What makes birth photography with me different than another photographer?

I had two wonderful, healthy, somewhat normal and uneventful pregnancies...followed by one baby delivered at 36 weeks and another delivered at 31 weeks.  Both completely different experiences and both children were born healthy, just too early.  I never had the opportunity to have either delivery documented in the way I would love to capture for you.  I am a volunteer breastfeeding mentor for the Intensive Care Nursery at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and a member of the Intensive Care Nursery's Family/Parent Council. I am also a certified high school Biology teacher.  I am a photographer with a passion for babies!

Officially, I am going to offer the following services to my expectant families:

I will reserve time for you 1 week before and 1 week after after your expected due date (edd).

I will arrive about 6cm dialated into the delivery and stay until a few hours after your delivery.  Yes, I will be there in the middle of the night, day...whatever time it is.  I will be on call for you!

My goal is to be there to document everything that is happening, including ALL the little details that might otherwise go unnoticed.  I will show 100% respect for everyone in the room: parents, family, and hospital staff.  I will never use flash, this will make it much easier for me to be able to capture moments without flash distractions.  Since I will be photo journaling this amazing time, you won't hear me say, "Smile for the camera!!".

I will photograph every birth in a very discreet and tasteful way.  I will not photograph private parts, nudity or the baby as he/she is delivered through the birth canal.  I will be there to capture the first cry, the parents' reactions, and the moment you hold your baby for the first time.  I promise you will be thankful for having me journal these amazing images...ones that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are interested in any part of this process being documented, please take a moment to contact me and we can chat about the process and your expectations.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Baby Feet

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Another late night... newborns ...but this little babe is not the reason why. I will use this photo as an excuse for my late night hours updating photos and completing blog posts. 


In a film class back in college, I learned the symbolic meaning of color and mediums used in films.  Water & white - rebirth, cleansing, becoming new...I didn't choose this photo for those reasons, however, I do feel as if the birth of a child is very symbolic of how I am feeling right now as I kick off this new website and all the possibilities that lie there in.

If you ever have doubted that your life can change in a not. Believe me, I wake each morning in disbelief that I lead this beautiful life.  I always imagined there would be a day when I dared to dream I would be asked to capture the special moments in the lives of the wonderful people around me. 

I have always loved the quote "Reach for the moon...for even if you miss you will land among the stars."  No time like the present for me to reach, reach, reach...

(photography by bonnie) bonnie for getting kick kids mom morrissette of off photographer pictures reach stars started the Wed, 19 Sep 2012 03:28:41 GMT